I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and National Certified Counselor providing individual, couples, and family counseling in Spokane, WA.


Who I Am

I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and National Certified Counselor in private practice in Spokane, WA. I am passionate about redemption, good music, entrepreneurialism, art, literature, writing, coffee, adoption, true friendship, authenticity, social justice, spiritual growth, Ohio, and quality customer service. My husband and I have 4 kids and have lived in Spokane since 2013. 

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What I do

I utilize a counseling approach influenced by attachment theory, interpersonal neurobiology, emotion focused therapy, narrative theory, and object relations theory to help clients identify growth areas and work toward sustainable life change. I believe growth happens most readily in the context of relationship, and thus emphasize the importance of safety in the therapeutic relationship and encourage clients in the establishment of healthy interpersonal connections. Additionally, I work with clients to integrate the various facets of self – physical, relational, spiritual, cognitive, professional, emotional, etc. – in order to encourage holistic wellness. 

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Who I work with

I provide counseling services to adults, adolescents, couples, and families. Common areas of focus include attachment-related concerns, spiritual direction, anxiety, depression, postpartum difficulties, infertility, grief and adjustment, identity confusion associated with adoption, adoptive parenting, relationship difficulties, sexual identity confusion, abuse and trauma. 

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